Sequoia (p​)​Remix

by Chris Hayzel

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One of Chris Hayzel's passion projects, The Hayzel Project is continuously changing and evolving. Having decided to revisit some of the music, Chris presents remixes of some of The Hayzel Project's most beloved music and was so excited that he released it early :). There is still more to come, but here's a start. Sequoia takes a much different approach than you're used to hearing, stemming from Chris' roots in rock.


released April 30, 2016

All instruments, production and mixing by Chris Hayzel



all rights reserved


Chris Hayzel Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ready To Go
I couldn't see 'cause my eyes were so lost in the fray
Love beats my every doubt away
But I'm so blind you've got me wrapped
Around the tip of your tiniest finger
If only I'd have been wise I could have left yesterday
And be okay

Every sound from your mouth had to come out a lie
Like a moth to the flame, I never asked myself why
Now my wings are burned and you've got me on
The kitchen table as you watch from a distance
Your smile is subtle but evidently joyous and wide
Say goodnight

All I want is
All I need is

Just let me go
'Cause there's nothin I don't already know
Just let me go
'Cause I'm ready to go

I never thought for a moment you would do it that way
You turned your back on me then but now you ask me to stay
You're so delusional you think
That all your sweet talking wins me right over
But where I come from
We burn a witch at the stake
Your soul to take
Track Name: Equilibrium (part 1)
Seventeen days
I have kept this siren in my head
And all of this repeating has gone straight to my bones
I can't believe you
My fingers shake at the thought of you bleeding
Your words of venom in my ear

Save love sacred
Say no to be the first to step out of your skin
Save love sacred
Say no and my equilibrium is falling out

Seventeen days
You have kept me waiting alone to bare
Your mark upon my body as I lay
And yes I've heard you
You speak to me in tongues and riddles
My mind is licked by the flame of you
Track Name: How's That Sound?
A single solid line
Dotted through the center, a broken glass divine
A kiss of euphoric believability
A breath underneath the pile all discarded while I find
The water line is low
But we still drown oh
Thought the sky had finally collapsed
But no, it's just you

Don't say
I'll say that I'm never coming back
You break
It's too late and I'll walk away
Now how's that sound to you?

I've flown these skies before
Spread my wings a little just to hit the floor
It's true when you can't see the forest through the trees
Stepped out and turned 'round
Couldn't feel my fingers when I find
The water line is low
But we still drown oh
Thought the sky had finally collapsed
But no, it's just you